In this text based RPG you play as an agent exploring Earth’s far future. Receive weird visuals from lifeforms on the brink of extinction. Can you decipher their meaning?

Eon of the Green is a game about the psychological stresses of mental time travel.

After a dramatic failure of an undercover mission you become part of the top secret Klaassen Project. You are still unsettled by your past and wary about the intentions of your superiors.


Recurring transmissions will take you to Earth in 1 billion years. See breathtaking things and gain the knowledge for your research. You have to find out how life deals with the deadly power of the Sun. Your task is risky though. Can you deal with its stresses and strains?

::study unknown lifeforms::

Discuss the weird future lifeforms with your assistant, Agent C. Show what you have learned during the transmissions. Along the way you carve out a unique relationship with her. You have to win her trust but keep up your autonomy at the same time. Both stats will be constantly modified by your answers and checks on them can be passed or failed. At crucial points a failed check means the end of your mission.

::take the test::

Agent C wants you to take a psyche test to evaluate your qualities as a researcher. Are you willing to share your true self? It might be risky to fully open up. At the same time, you might be caught lying if you don’t.

::get to know the story behind::

Learn about Arthur Klaassen, the discoverer of Eon of the Green. Agent C will share parts of his diary with you. Haven’t you heard of him before? Pay close attention to find out more about the complexities of the Klaassen Project.

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Eon of the Green is a game developed by Brussels based DRIFTED MATTER
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