Eon of the Green is a text based RPG, simulating a scientific research program about Earth’s far future. A laboratory serves as visual background for the player’s text-based interactions. The player will do repeating mental time travels to the Earth in one billion years, to an era called Eon of the Green. The time travels are simulated by cut scenes. The gained experiences are shared and discussed with a colleague via intercom. The choices made during the dialogues influence the progress of the game.


Eon of the Green presents an Earth dominated by sophisticated plant life. The game explores the ways life adapt to the threat of the increasingly dangerous power of the Sun. It describes, and even discusses in interaction with the player’s observations, various plants and creatures and their functions/reciprocal effects. The game zooms in on processes at molecular level of organisms, outlines ecosystems and their interconnection. Goal of the research/game is to learn about strategies to deal with Earth’s fading habitability. As the game progresses the player will encounter even more intelligent lifeforms. In search of those the game will feature mystery characteristics.

Additionally, several topics will be introduced throughout the game to add depth and context. In several text interactions, the player will learn about Arthur Klaassen, the discoverer of Eon of the Green: a Dutch-Indonesian engineer and pioneer in biophysics who started to study, after his return to Indonesia in 1987, an orangutan with atypical behaviour; successfully connects a human cerebral cortex to Eon of the Green after years of research.

The game will highlight a dependency between the constitution of a human mind and its observations. The player will be run through the ‘Perception Sensitivity Assessment’, which in-game means to test the quality of the researcher’s observations. It is based on associative thinking and helps to generate a unique player profile. One of 3 character perks will be obtained and locked in mid-game. Both dialogues and transmissions will be affected by it.

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Official site: eonofthegreen.com

Platforms: PC, tbd

Release date: tba

Contact: mikykray@gmail.com


Eon of the Green is a game developed by Brussels based DRIFTED MATTER


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