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Eon of the Green is a game about the psychological stresses of mental time travel. Alien perceptions infest your mind while your colleague pesters you with questions. How long can you survive?


Eon of the Green simulates a scientific research program about Earth’s far future. A laboratory serves as visual background for the player’s text-based interactions. The player will undergo repeating mental time travels to the Earth in one billion years, to an era called Eon of the Green. The time travels are simulated by cut scenes. The gained experiences are shared and discussed with a colleague. During the text interactions, the player will gain or lose on two values (trust and autonomy) and there will be checks on these values. Goal of the game is to pass all game-ending checks. Hints to the outcome of a choice allow for a tactical approach.

Your role

You have to find your way in a top secret research program, called Klaassen Project. You got there after a failed undercover mission. Now you sit in a lab, confined, with no human contact but the voice of your female colleague on intercom. Obviously, you have to win her trust to get on here. Haven’t you been into science yourself in a former life? Rake up this knowledge. At the same time, you want to keep up your autonomy and make decisions in your own interest. Why am I here, can I get away? It’s a trade-off, a struggle you have to cope with to the best of your abilities.

Are you into science, dear reader?

Eon of the Green presents an Earth dominated by sophisticated plant life. The game explores the ways life adapt to the threat of the increasingly dangerous power of the Sun. It examines various imaginative plants and creatures and their functions/reciprocal effects. The game zooms in on processes at molecular level of organisms, outlines ecosystems and their interconnection. Eon of the Green gives you sci-fi biosemiotics. Forget xenobiology, now is xenoethology! Eon of the Green makes science shine – and dreadful at the same time. But that’s okay, it’s your job, and you will be rewarded with stunning visuals if you survive another round.

Visuals made with youtube, sounds from kids toys…

Eon of the Green leans heavily on abstract-ish visuals (Eevee engine rendered, particle systems, geometry nodes, shading dominated by Voronoi and Noise textures, layer weight transparencies) popular within the Blender Community. But, although abstract, they always have aim, they show biological processes, functions and transitions. Similar with the music. The composer uses recordings of children toys, damaged audio tapes, squealing heaters, rumbling trains. Even if the sounds during the transmissions can appear quite abstract, its their organic core that gives them their special quirkiness.

The team

Eon of the Green is made by 3 geeks from Belgium, confined in a studio called Drifted Matter. Miky Kray (concept, visuals, writing) is actually an agreeable person, only sometimes drifting off into strange ideas. Eon of the Green is the recent spawn of this habit. Jeroen Elsen (composing) is making music since the time before there were computers. Now, he is using a computer, too, the otherworldly sounds persist. Nathan Istace (programming) makes cool games himself, but is too talented not to be hired by the industry. Luckily, he could make some time for Eon of the Green.

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Release roadmap: ‘Area Delta’ – Jan 2023, ‘Area Crescent’ – Q1 2024, ‘???’ – Q4 2024


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Eon of the Green is a game developed by Brussels based DRIFTED MATTER


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