imagine the earth in a far future,

on the verge of extinction…

Explore a world reigned by plant-based life. Encounter mysterious vegetable creatures. Gather the knowledge you need to unravel the secrets of this unsettling place. Stretch your influence around the planet quickly as time is short.


a turn-based strategy game

Control multiple groups of creatures and discover new places, resources and allies. Grow fungi colonies to secure and enlarge your expansion. But do all of this in order to pursue your goal to find answers: Can the earth be saved? Can you save any of its life?

Inspired by Brian Aldiss’ sci-fi novel Hothouse EON OF THE GREEN takes you on a journey far beyond human civilization. The rules of plant life – the perpetual growing, dying, decomposing and resurrecting – provide a unique take on the strategy genre.            

  • hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations of sceneries, resources and creatures capturing the atmosphere of a truely unique world 

  • interactive text communicated by plant creatures in weird languages

  • a combination of 3-dimensional world view and 2-dimensional interfaces

  • a separate visual set-up for the fungi colonies in simulation game style

  • multiple travel options including transport units, water routes and even a traverse to the moon

  • a challenging battle interface that enables plenty of individual strategies

The 3D world view allows you to navigate your travel groups and maps new discoveries. Both the Earth and the Moon have turned into satellites in this far future, resulting in a permanent Day and Night Side. As you expand to the North you reach the Traversers – giant vegetable spiders that created a permanent web connecting Earth and Moon. Stowed away, your creatures might reach the Moon!

Every round is filled with dozens of actions: send out new parties, line up battles en route, collect seeds, meet NPCs, grow your fungi colonies and many more. If all is done you finish the round clicking on the Chronon icon – EON OF THE GREEN’s genuine in-game time measure.

The battle interface provides different slots to position the creatures of your travelling party. Slots are divided into the areas LAIR, FIELD and VANTAGE. The LAIR can be activated to hide a certain amount of creatures with an increased chance to go unnoticed by the attacking creature. On the FIELD you meet your enemy straightforward to fight. The VANTAGE slot(s) give you bonuses such as distracting your enemy, strengthen your creatures on the FIELD and/or adding additional slots to the LAIR. It’s up to you to find the perfect line-up in order to minimize losses.

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Eon of the Green is a game developed by Brussels based MIXED GAMES and will be released on PC in 2022.
Eon of the Green © 2021